Promoting Your Brand with Facebook Live

facebook-liveWhen it comes to social media, Facebook is the mainstay who just keeps reinventing itself. With the launch and expanded popularity of their Facebook Live video platform, the company is positioned to offer up an alternative to Twitter, Instagram, and even YouTube when it comes to broadcasting abilities.

Brands and businesses can use the feature in a number of ways. From updating customers on the status of a project to launching products – companies aren’t limited to relying on outside sources for coverage these days, they can create their own buzz and share it with their followers in real time. We’ve even seen a fugitive take to Live to broadcast while he was on the run from police.

Facebook has entered into contracts with several notable news outlets and celebrities to create content that will reach out to viewers. In addition to allowing them to work out the complexities of Live, it also puts more videos in front of viewers and gets them interested in seeing more broadcasts and creating their own.

Facebook Live is yet another way that companies can interact closely with customers and engage them like never before.


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1 Response to Promoting Your Brand with Facebook Live

  1. I like your logic here! When I think of Facebook, I think dynamic. You were very correct in stating that Facebook keeps “reinventing” itself. I find this to be very true and I am curious to see if they can keep matching the intensity of other social media platforms. Facebook Live does indeed offer a number of different options of consumers and companies alike. How they use this new form of communication will ultimately decide how productive they can be!



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