Bands Build Fan Connections

cva_blog_musicnotes_r1_mmHaving an online presence is essential for brands and businesses these days. The same is true for emerging musicians who want to try and make a name for themselves, share their music, and grow a fan base.

In our digital world, one would think today’s artists would have it much easier to try and promote themselves, however, that might be a misstatement. How bands use social media is almost as important as whether or not they use it at all. A mistake some performers (and others) make is spamming followers with content without ever really connecting with them. Successful posts, photos, and videos will ask what fans think, start conversations, connect with other bands, and get fans pumped – all in efforts to build a devoted community for the band.

Many artists manage their own social media accounts to ensure real connections to fans. They also carefully pick what platforms on which to be active. Some work with other artists to co-brand and reach a larger audience than they could have alone.

Doing social media correctly can mean real life boosts to bands and musicians.


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2 Responses to Bands Build Fan Connections

  1. chadsemergingmediablog says:

    I use Apple Music and they have a section built in called “Connect” that is essentially a new way for bands to interact with fans. They can post clips from concerts, personal messages, and more. A lot of artist depend on this interaction to make money because thanks to streaming, a lot of people do not buy albums anymore. With this connection they can build it so the fan is encouraged to see them in concert and the band can continue to tour.


  2. Dustin,

    Musicians having an online presence is definitely important in our digital world. Chance The Rapper just gained mainstream success through his album Coloring Book. You can only get it through music streaming platforms such as Apple Music, Spotify, and Tidal. Social media outlets such as Twitter also was a great way for fans to share their thoughts and make connects with the artist.

    I think artists should take a page out of Chance’s book and find their niche in the music streaming business.


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