Short Video, Short Lived

vine-logoSocial media fans will have to find a way to live without new Vine videos in the near future. Parent company Twitter announced recently that, in attempts to turn a profit for the first time, they’re discontinuing the service soon.

So, what does it mean when a popular social media platform goes defunct? No one can deny the original surprise power of Vine when the format was first released. It seemed to be the ideal way for tech-savvy youth with ever shortening attention spans to share a quick video. However, at this point, Twitter is simply trying to remain a viable company.

Do they sell out? Bulk up on ads? Rebrand? Options abound but something that might be interesting for the company to pursue is their proliferation in the Internet of Things. Objects have been sending tweets for a while now and some analysts see the potential for connected devices to pick up on Twitter posts and respond accordingly in smart homes and in other aspects of our everyday lives.

Does this move to shutter Vine keep Twitter fighting for another day or is a continuance of events that edges customers further and further away from loyal support?


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2 Responses to Short Video, Short Lived

  1. Amanda Beck says:

    I think consumers who were loyal to Vine were so because of what it did. They will look to other social media channels for the same capability. Perhaps they’ll move to Snapchat or start using Instagram’s Boomerang.

    Twitter, on the other hand, needs to stay relevant to prevent losing more users and advertisers. It has the differentiation built into its platform, but that’s not enough. It’s been around for more than a decade, so it’s not “new and shiny” anymore. In order to compete against Facebook and other apps for consumers’ time, Twitter needs to become indispensable for more people. And in order to stop the loss of revenue, it needs to make that model appealing to potential advertisers, too.


  2. Vine was good for its time but not surprised at all they are discontinuing it. Too many other social media sites with video competing with them. Further, I think Twitter is going to continue to have an uphill climb. They have a great business following but I don’t know of any youth today that use Twitter. As a matter of fact i get the kids asking me about its relevance and why are people interested in it.


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