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Food Network Snapcode

Snapchat Discover Channels have been expanding to include more companies, magazines, and news outlets to the mobile application. Let’s take a look at the Discover page for Food Network.

Since 2011 the Food Network has seen a declining number of cable TV viewers tuning in. In efforts to expand the audiences they reach, FN is trying out Snapchat. In addition to showing clips of current Food Network shows, they also have unique, new content and videos with social media stars to draw new viewers. FN has also partnered with Spoon University – which bills itself as “the everyday food resource for our generation” – to further their influence with the millennial bloc. The SpoonU takeover features recipes, dining trends, and cooking hacks all tailored for younger foodies.

The videos themselves that are produced for the outlet are important. Employees say they’re always looking at the purpose of the content; “we always question where the content should live.

They employ a team of ten just to focus on Snapchat and admit that they’re still not sure the venture will pay off. What do you think – is Snapchat the right place for all business looking to grow their audiences?



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1 Response to Swipe Up To Read

  1. Dustin,

    I was just in a conversation last week about several Social Media platforms, including Snapchat, and the need to engage on platforms where your customers and potential customers are engaging. My initial reaction to your question was, “no.” If your target market or demographic is an older audience, then Snapchat is probably not the right platform to grow your audience. After doing a little bit of research; however, it appears that my initial reaction is not totally accurate.

    Snapchat continues to grow in popularity and as of this past summer, over 50% of new Snapchat users are over the age of 25, and the percentage growth of those aged 35 years and older is actually greater than the penetration rate for 18- to 24-year-olds.

    So, while Snapchat users are still generally on the younger side, the Snapchat user population is getting older every day. This is a similiar patern to the evolution of Facebook and Snapchat very well might be a great platform for all businesses in the near future.



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