Any Way You Want It

How did customers find out more about companies and the products they offered in the past? By calling a toll-free number, requesting a catalog, visiting a store? While most of those are still options available today, most businesses drive people to their online presence to get information and browse and purchase products. Today, even the way customers visit websites is changing.

statistic_id284202_mobile-phone-internet-user-penetration-worldwide-2014-2019Websites with responsive designs are becoming the new gold standard for businesses and marketers. The number of mobile internet users is only projected to increase into the coming years. So whether a customer is shopping, researching, sharing, or sending – they’re becoming more and more apt to do it from their phones.

The main goal behind a responsive page design is to ensure that visitors have the same experience whether they’re on the go and reading from their phone, relaxing at home and browsing from a tablet, or using a desktop PC to visit your page. Adapting to how customers want to view your information is certainly a smart marketing move.


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1 Response to Any Way You Want It

  1. chadsemergingmediablog says:

    I have to admit, nothing really bothers me more than going to a website on my phone and the company not offering a mobile version of that site. Another issue is when I go to a site and it doesn’t automatically change over to the mobile version and I have to attempt to find the link at the bottom that allows me to change it. With the data you provided with the chart, I think all companies should realize that this can really turn individuals off of not only their website, but also their products when navigation issues occur.

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