Changing the Game


Emerging media is important now and will continue to be into the future. Look at how platforms like Twitter, Vine, and Snapchat have changed the way we share, converse, and react in just the short amount of time they’ve been around. Moreover, look at the various ways these examples provide interaction: videos, photo sharing, links, comments, networks of friends, and more.

Today’s customers are interacting with these formats in various ways every day. How many of us are within eyeshot of our phone right now? Is there a Fitbit on your wrist? A tablet on the bedside table? We are surrounded by tech that has the capability to bring information right to our hands.

These types of emerging media influence us to make certain decisions and allows us to help others with their decision-making process. Possibly one of their most important innovations is the ability it gives marketers to drive a more personalized experience for customers.

The only trouble is, new platforms and trends are forming every day. How is a modern marketer to keep up?


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4 Responses to Changing the Game

  1. Hi Dustin!

    You are absolutely correct when you say emerging media is important now and will continue to be into the future. When people wake up majority of them check their social media, and do the same when they fall asleep. Everything around us is digital and you’re right, all of those devices you listed above do bring us information right to our hands.

    What I love most about emerging media platforms is that brands use them to promote themselves and to be interactive with its consumers. It’s honestly the best way to reach millennials and also creates brand loyalty among them.

    Thanks for sharing.

    – Greer Johnson

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  2. chadsemergingmediablog says:

    I agree that we are surrounded by tech. With more wearable devices such as the Google Glass and Apple Watch, it is becoming harder and harder for anyone to tune out. However, this is something that I’m sure marketers see no problem with.

    I think at certain point the marketers get lost on how exactly to promote certain things and on what devices. They have to format each of these ads to be compatible with all of these products, and sometimes that just takes time. I wonder how many of them actually miss out on opportunities due to the time restraints.

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  3. Lacie says:

    Hi Dustin,
    Many people don’t realize the challenging task marketers have to take on from new platforms developing so quickly. It is overwhelming to become an expert of a new platform, learn the analytics behind it, and then make a decision as to whether the platform will be worth while for your target market. Identifying if the new platform will consist of a significant amount of your target market, and then creating a creative, cost-effective strategy quickly can help ease the chaotic process.

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  4. Millennials (GenY) and GenZ will never know life that is unconnected and untethered to to the world around them. Instant access, instant responses, data and answers continually at your fingertips. It’s hard to fathom that at one point I actually used an encyclopedia to pull information for school reports. We’ve come a LONG way. However, I have seen a lot of positive adoption of technology and emerging media with -as expected- GenX and Baby Boomers but surprisingly even many in the silent generation have embraced social media and are active on at least Facebook. There are opportunities for marketers across all of the current living generations.

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